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Alexis McLaughlin


Alexis is an up-and-coming Texas music sensation who's style is a mix of many genres. Her sound can be described as a melodic melding of the stunning vocals of Patsy Cline and Janis Joplin's soul and grit. Alexis is becoming a crowd favorite on the Texas live music scene. This is one you definitely don't want to miss!

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About Alexis

From The Heart

When I was 10, I picked up my first guitar. That was the first moment I really understood what love was.
When I held that 6 stringed box, it was like walking into the wardrobe in Narnia, I’d disappear into a safe escape just for a moment while the song played and nothing or no one could hurt me.
15 years ago, I picked up that guitar and I never really let it go.
I think about that day a lot. I think about how God could have given this talent to anyone else. But, he chose me… he chose the little girl with freckles and a dream. The girl who liked to play barbies and ride pretend horses. He chose the girl who never felt good enough and always felt like she had to prove something. He chose me. And today, (and every day), I’m so grateful for that.
Thank you for letting me share my dream, my story, and my passion with you… it truly means the world!
I hope to see you at a show soon!

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This shirt was created by Alexis in honor of her song "To This Guitar..." A diary entry to the one she has held near and dear to her heart for 16 years. To the very thing that gives her life and has come to her rescue countless times. 
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